The people first testing platform

The people-first testing platform where flexibility is key. Trust Test is a remote invigilation and exam software which empowers students to take control of their academic assessment journey.

What did we do?

We strategised, design, and built an online assessment platform for students to take exams on their schedules, and a web application for invigilators to effortlessly validate exams.


  • Web Application


  • Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Full-stack Development


  • Invigilator application
  • Examinee application


Expediting the time to qualification

Construction site

COSAC is a compliance and skills academy specialising in training and qualifications for building contractors across the UK. They specialise in providing the necessary certifications for contractors to be able to work safely in the field.

While COVID-19 may have slowed some industries down, the construction industry was still booming, and the demand for training and tests grew exponentially.

Born out of the pandemic, COSAC approached Lucky Duck to build Trust Test.

This sparked the idea of building a custom remote invigilation platform that would allow more students to get qualified faster.

Laying the groundwork

To create Trust Test, we started with a competitive analysis and reviewed e-assessment industry standards.

Using a Google Ventures design sprint, we defined the core requirements of the initial MVP. This meticulous process laid the groundwork for an effective online assessment platform.

The design sprint we conducted enabled us to delve into various user pathways, which we then developed into a comprehensive information architecture map encompassing the entire user journey.

Creating this map proved invaluable in making informed technical decisions while building the infrastructure and outlining all key user flows we needed to design.


From scheduled exams to on-demand testing

Previously, test-takers faced logistical difficulties getting qualified quickly due to having to book a real-time session with an invigilator.

The new platform automates identity verification and exam oversight, allowing on-demand exams that can be taken anytime.

This eliminates the need to re-book missed tests or accommodate late candidates.

Additionally, candidates receive immediate results, informing them about potential resits and areas for improvement.

UI mockup

Exam integrity

To address the challenges of online exams, such as the potential for cheating, we carefully designed a system that helps invigilators detects and highlights instances of suspicious behaviour.

After the exam, invigilators can flag a test and share with a senior invigilator highlight the various issues, ensuring fairness and sensitivity.

This process allows candidates to receive their final results on the same day, while invigilators save time and effort, creating a mutually beneficial outcome.

UI mockup review flags

Efficient exam reviews

To further enhance the invigilation process, we created a custom video player that enables invigilators to review flags effectively by analysing recorded webcam and screen feeds side-by-side.

Combined with the flagging system, this innovative approach aims to optimise the experience for invigilators while maintaining exam integrity.

Test builder app
UI mockup

Scaling a robust platform

At launch, Trust Test needed to accommodate thousands of students each month and support COSAC's growth ambitions to scale the platform far beyond.

To achieve this, we developed a frontend and backend with a robust architecture.

To ensure scalability, we built the backend in express and setup autoscaling infrastructure.

With these measures in place, Trust Test is prepared to meet COSAC's needs and growth aspirations.

UI mockup

To support future product development, we created a comprehensive design library for Trust Test, enabling easy setup of new patterns or views of the dashboard.

The library includes clear text styles, color guides, and a sizable list of components for use in the layout.

By providing a comprehensive library, we ensure that future design changes can be implemented efficiently while maintaining a consistent visual identity for Trust Test.

Accessibility-first design.

We prioritised accessibility in the design of Trust Test to ensure that all users can take exams with ease and confidence.

The platform includes essential features such as high-contrast mode functionality to provide visually impaired users with a smooth exam experience.

Additionally, we implemented chat support functionality to provide instant support during the exam. By taking an accessibility-first approach, Trust Test is designed for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Accessibility mockup