School Safety made simple and easy.

Helping schools enhance their orginisation and staff safety.


What did we do?

We designed dashboard for CPOMS who help keep schools organised and maintain safety within their establishments with a unifying dashboard.


  • Web


  • UXUI Design
  • Strategy


  • Design System
  • Web Application UI


  • CPOMS website

Organising school staff and asset checks.

Formed in 2017, CPOMS was created as a means to help schools and education establishments to change the way that safety checks are done within schools.

CPOMS wanted to create a database that allowed schools to keep all security checks in a more standardised format to make inspections and safety checks easier and faster. Each establishment have their own way of keep information and which information they want to check for, which makes inspections very difficult. Each establishment also have their own way of storing this information, whether that be in paper form or digitally.

CPOMS wanted to create a database that allowed schools to keep storing the information in a way that was easy for each individual school, but with a more standardised way of storing it.

Defining information and process through wireframes.

A design workshop with CPOMS brought our product team up to speed with the ins and outs of the current product, how they operate and the services they provide. This allowed us to see how the current product works and what needed to be changed within the design process of the project.

Once we had the design workshop with CPOMS, we explored the UX of the product by creating wireframes of each screen including all steps needed to complete the included features and processes. This was then turned into a clickable prototype that the client could click through and explore the new UX.


Creating a huge design library

To allow the dashboard to grow naturally and have all the needed features, we created a design library which has the building blocks that would be needed to design any feature needed.

Including everything from fonts and colours, right through to icons and components, we created a huge library that made creating this huge dashbord so much easier.

Creating a huge library didn’t just help us, this allowed the developers over at CPOMS to carry on the process and create any other features that are needed in the future.


Streamlining the existing user experience.

Because the app is being used by countless schools around the world already, it was important that we streamlined the app to make it easier to use and have a better UX experience, but also making sure that it was still easy to use and reflected the current flows within the app to make it easier for people with little computer skills to learn the new dashboard and still being able to use CPOMS.

The revised flow of the dashbaord took out any steps which made the process long and difficult to use, but kept the same flow to allow for easy onboarding of existing and new users.


Creating an inviting & friendly interface.

Along with a UX overhaul, we were tasked with creating a new visual look and identity for CPOMS.

Using fresh, modern and fun colours and clean sans serif fonts, the brand and look of the dashboard was inviting and welcoming to use, but also reflecting on the colours that teachers are used to in the classrooms.

The dashboard was also given a new design to help it fit with the new identity. Rounded corners were used as much as possible to make the app feel more inviting and friendlier to use. All of the colours were made softer and had a range of shades to allow information to stand out more than the background elements.


Keep a track of all checks, assets and documentation

One aspect of school life that changes from school to school is how they store and keep a track of their checks, evidence and their inventories. When Officials come to assess their checks, it is often very chaotic and unorganised.

CPOMS allows all data to be stored within once place with all of the information kept within the staff members profile, department, type of asset or type of check. CPOMS makes it really easy to find all of the information needed. Our UX overhaul of the dashboard streamlined this process and makes the information simple to understand and easy to access.


Creating a diverse blank canvas

Because schools in different regions and countries do security and asset checks differently, CPOMS needed to create a system that allowed the dashboard to be customised for each and every school and check that they do.

Because of this, the UX flow of the dashboard allows each school to create their own checks with tailored chechpoints, deadlines and evidence teachers need to submit. Like many other products that give you a blank canvas, this gives teachers all of the tools needed to use CPOMS to make their processes simpler.


Reminding their staff of annual checks

To help staff and management keep on top of all checks, we designed a system within the dashboard to allow users to see what check are soon to be renewed and which are overdue. On the homepage of the dashboard, the user can see a percentage of how far off they or from being complete and will receive notifications within the app to complete outstanding checks.

Once checks have been submitted, the information can be reviewed by management and either accepted or rejected. This was a key part of the UX to get right to make the experience of using CPOMS much easier and safer.