Your PA in your pocket

Getting the personal assistant off the phone line and into the palm of your hand.

What did we do?

We strategised, designed, and developed iOS and Android applications that seamlessly integrated with Cymphony's APIs. Bringing personal assistant services directly to your smartphone,


  • iOS
  • Android


  • PM & Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • React Native
  • Expo


  • Mobile app

Seamless communication for every business

Cymphony revolutionises how one-person operations to enterprise companies stay connected with their customers.

No longer will important emails be lost in the chaos of a cluttered inbox.

When Cymphony approached Lucky Duck, they sought to enhance their existing web based offering, which lacked the flexibility and portability a mobile app could provide.

We collaborated with Cymphony to develop a mobile app that empowers clients to manage call availability, monitor messages, track invoices, and access support with ease on the go.

From ideation to prototype

Following a Google Venture's product design sprint with the client, we developed high-fidelity wireframes to map out the app's layout and functionality.

After multiple iterations and refining our design, we converted the static screens into a fully functional prototype. To ensure a successful outcome, we tested the prototype with the target audience, engaging customers of their existing solution as participants.

Cymphony UI

After positive results from our user testing sessions, we could make any necessary final tweaks and proceed to establish a UI style influenced by their existing brand guidelines.

Cymphony UI

Convenient call diversion

Cymphony customers enjoy the freedom to easily divert their business calls to Cymphony when they're unavailable or on holiday, all with a simple tap on the home screen.

The app even provides the option to divert calls made to personal mobile phones, allowing the assigned personal assistant to take messages on their behalf. Experience unparalleled flexibility in managing your calls with Cymphony.

Cymphony UI
Cymphony UI

Once calls have been diverted, users can easily access messages left by their customers, complete with detailed information about the caller and the message content.

Users can effortlessly reach out to customers using the provided contact details. Messages are categorised as recent, urgent, flagged, or archived, simplifying the process of sorting through messages and ensuring a seamless communication experience.

Built with React Native

With an existing customer base, it was crucial for Cymphony to launch a cross-platform app from day one. We chose React Native to expedite time to market, ensure future codebase maintainability, and facilitate seamless incremental feature releases.

By employing performance-enhancing techniques such as migrating views to scroll view for rendering only visible items and implementing a custom local cached version of API data and state management, we achieved offline usability for Cymphony customers in low connectivity areas.

Cymphony UI