Improving people’s financial health with Onmo

An online banking app to help people improve their credit and financial health.

What did we do?

We designed an online banking app for Onmo to help people with no or poor credit improve their financial health, understanding of debt, and get more control over their spending.


  • iOS
  • Android


  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • UX/UI Design


  • Mobile app UX/UI
  • Design System

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ONMO is a transparent bank that helps people build credit.

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The new kids on the fintech block are on a mission to teach people how to manage their finances, and provide an outlet for people who have damaged credit.

Thin-file (those with little-to-no credit) and sub-prime (those with poor credit) users can improve their credit rating by getting a card with ONMO.

The idea was in place, but they needed us to translate that into a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app.

We decided the best approach for this project was a subscription model based on monthly chunks of work. This way at the end of every month, we could evaluate our progress and decide on the direction of our partnership.

Nothing beats live collaboration

Design sprints are a great way to get to know the team, as well as produce tangible results in a short amount of time. In just 5 days we were able to align on the problem we were solving, and plant the seeds of ideas that grew into the final product.

Design sprint how might we's
Design sprint storyboard

Understanding our users better

We conducted a broad range of indepth user interviews with our target audience, to learn about their past experiences with financial institutions, with a focus around banking and credit.

User stories

Our research uncovered a vast amount of insights about how people managed and felt about their finances, and paved the way for our design decisions along the way, ensuring our approach was problem-oriented from the start.

Validating our assumptions.

Our in-depth user interviews reinforced what we already knew about the problem and uncovered new insights, specifically:


  1. People are in the dark over their credit score and don’t know how they can improve it.

  2. They often mistrust their banks, and find communication with them difficult and unclear.

  3. When in trouble they are unlikely to actively seek help.

Low fidelity wireframes

Wireframing and mapping out the information architecture of the app is essential before getting into visual details.

While we worked on the UX/UI of the app, ONMO turned to one of the world’s best branding agencies to take its aesthetic and messaging to the next level.

Our partnership with Pentagram gave the designs visual cohesion and a premium look that added a layer of refinement to the solid foundations we were building.

It’s these details that elevate digital experiences from good to great, so it was very rewarding to work with masters of the craft to bring the ONMO brand to life.

Onmo UI

The resulting UI system is elegant, minimalistic and balanced.

Most importantly, each detail is in service of ONMO’s overarching mission to empower people to take control of their finances.

Open banking = stress free onboarding

Our user research revealed a widespread frustration with the drawn-out approval and onboarding process of traditional credit providers.

With this in mind, we iterated ONMO’s onboarding flow to remove as many unnecessary steps as possible.

We leveraged the Open Banking framework so that participating users could jump into the app without the hassle of providing their ID.
Goodbye to lengthy drawn-out applications.

Onmo UI
Design system

Pushing the product further.

As well as enabling users to take charge of their financial health, ONMO were keen to push the product further to give users even more value.

These features would allow users to:

  • Create current account to save money
    Set target amounts to work towards
    Establish regular deposits

  • Round-up purchases and set aside the change

  • Add photos from Unsplash to make each pot feel personal.

Onmo UI
Onmo UI