A new era in smoke ventilation

Collaborating with Sertus to unveil the premier website in the smoke ventilation system industry.

What did we do?

We collaborated with Sertus' marketing team to develop a top-notch website, elevating their online marketing strategy and enhancing their digital presence.


  • Web


  • Strategy
  • UX/UI
  • Next.js
  • Storyblok


  • Marketing Website

Helping make buildings a safer place

Construction workers

In 2019, Sertus branched out from its parent company, Whitesales Group, to focus on modern smoke ventilation systems. As a new subsidiary, they needed a strong online presence to reach their target audience.

At Lucky Duck, we partnered with Sertus to create a market-leading website that showcases their innovative product range and educates industry professionals. Our user-friendly design highlights Sertus' fresh approach to smoke ventilation, effectively engaging customers in the construction sector.

Building the blueprint

During an intensive two-day workshop with Sertus, our product team delved deep into their operations to understand how to develop a website that would best serve both Sertus and their users' needs.

Collaboratively, both teams crafted and defined a robust structure to encompass all essential information Sertus aimed to showcase. With the foundation laid, we proceeded to refine the design and bring the core concepts to life.


Finding a suitable system couldn’t be easier.

The revamped Sertus website aims to educate construction industry professionals on the significance, functionality, appearance, and behavior of smoke ventilation systems. We designed dedicated pages for each of the three available systems, complete with a sub-navigation that enables users to explore further and identify the right system for their needs.

These pages offer a general overview, technical specifications, system comparisons, and answers to frequently asked questions, all presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Mockup 1

Building a comprehensive resource library

A resource hub houses curated content that includes anything a user may need in relation to their products, from data sheets, to installation guides and user manuals, warranties and more.

Users with less experience with Sertus products can learn about Sertus’ provided CPD courses, browse their library of educational videos, or read their blog for a fresh feed of indepth industry articles.

We incorporated a customised CAD tool that enables users to see and pan around a CAD drawing of products, view and measure individual parts, explore a range of scenes, download drawings for external use and more.

Mockup 2

Need for speed

Thanks to its inbuilt optimisation tools and the wide array of community plugins offered, Next.js gave us the foundation required to create a site that didn't just look great, but one that was also highly performant and blazing fast.

Utilising libraries such as Framer Motion on-top of Next.js meant we could create fluid and responsive animations, transforming the site into an experience for users that is sure to stick in potential customers' minds when compared to competitors.

Mockup 3

Scaling with Storyblok

To enable Sertus's marketing team to ship new resources, manage the website, and deliver marketing campaigns rapidly we integrated the website with Storyblok a best in class headless CMS.

Mockup 4