Providing industry insights to technology sectors.

A web app that brings curated reports and news into the hands of those who need it most.

What did we do?

We designed and built a web platform for businesses in the technology sector, to get access to curated industry insights via a custom dashboard.


  • Web App
  • Website
  • Mobile


  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development


  • Web Platform
  • Marketing Website

Helping companies in tech keep up with innovation.

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Techvocacy partner with collaborators all over Italy to curate industry news and research reports for companies in tech, allowing them to stay one step ahead of the game.

They follow hundreds of sources to track trends, innovations, the growing expectations of consumers and more.

As a new business, Techvocacy came to us with an idea to create an online platform to host and share these insights with technology businesses across sectors.

Putting the user first

Working in collaboration with Riccardo, Techvocacy’s CEO, we created initial wireframes to map out the overall architecture of the platform, with a focus on the user experience.

This allowed us to work quickly to contruct high-level user journeys, and gave us the flexibility to experiment and make adjustments quickly and early.


On sign-off of the wireframes, we were ready to add some styles. We explored three separate brand routes, each with a different twist of flair to them, before unifying a final theme.

We iterated on the final design concept before settling on one that fit the brand Techvocacy invisioned perfectly. The style we chose combines an abstract approach with a modern look and feel.


Industry insights at your fingertips.

Users on the platform can tailor their feed during the onboarding process, by selecting topics they’re interested in. This creates a dashboard that’s tailored around they’re preferences, with the additional ability to venture further and search to their hearts content.

Preferences can even be updated at any time by venturing into their account settings, ensuring that they’re always getting content relevant to their needs.


When searching, they can even filter by technologies, industries, consumer need and type of innovation, with the ability to save searches to later carry on where they left off.

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A marketing website to sell it all.

In addition to the platform, we designed and built a website to market the platform and really shine a light on all the reasons why customers should use Techvocacy to accelerate their business.

We included sections that defined the benefits, the various pricing structures, information about the contributors and more.

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Mobile designs

Sign up campaign sold all the slots on day one.

While Techvocacy was undergoing its build, we designed and built a simple teaser site to allow people to sign up.

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